A little about us – ZU Evolution


Zu Evolution is a private server based on the original Oriental MMORPG ‘Zu Online’.


We have decided to open a server and do our level best in reviving the old ZU community but also for new players that are looking for a new adventure!


This server will mostly be based on PvP and less on PvE, with a high experience rate and a cheap item mall with a big range of offers.


“Item mall…must be pay to win”   –  Don’t worry, any item you can find in item mall, can also be farmed easily.


The donation system has only been implemented to help the server grow and donations are not required, every piece of gear can be farmed.

But if you need a boost – there’s your way through the item mall.


Our goal is to improve the game as much as possible, add new features and events to keep you busy!

Catchy Battles

Meet players from various factions and fight. Invade other faction in groups and have fun.

Incredible Atmosphere

Complete quests, fight monsters, bosses, hunt and ride various fancy mounts.